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Easy Healthy Smoothie

Smoothies are a daily menu item in our house. It’s a quick and easy way to get some healthy nutrients into our busy day. We either start our morning with an easy healthy smoothie or grab it at any point during the day for a snack. It took us a long time to find a version that had the amount of fruits and vegetables we wanted, and was also edible. Not only do we love this smoothie, but our children drink it everyday too!

We enjoy homemade smoothies over homemade juice. It’s important to us to keep the fiber from the whole fruits and whole vegetables. Also, we simply enjoy the consistency. With that said, this could easily be adapted as a juice as well. The preference is yours.

The measurements and easy healthy smoothie recipe specifics can be found in the recipe card below.

Easy Healthy Smoothie Ingredients

  1. Seeds, Spices & Sweeteners: turmeric, cinnamon, ground flax seeds, chia seeds

  2. Fruits & Vegetables: dates, celery, carrots, spinach, dinosaur kale, strawberries, apples, mango

  3. The Other Stuff: water or milk (depending on the calories and consistency you are looking for). We use unsweetened almond milk.

The Prep

  1. Wash all of the fruits and vegetables.

  2. Cut stems off and remove other unwanted pieces: leaves of celery, stem of carrot, tops of the strawberries and the core of the apple are all recommended to be removed if doing the smoothie version.

  3. Break larger items into smaller pieces. The celery and carrots will need to be cut at least in half or quarters.

Mix & Serve!

  1. Blend up the mixture. We use the smoothie setting of our Vitamix.

  2. Pour into your favorite to-go container or glass.

  3. Pairs well with: anything!

We sometimes drink this when we first wake up and follow it with a complete breakfast. This gives us some extra time to enjoy a slower paced morning without missing out on critical nutrients when we first wake up. Most often, we drink it as a snack. It gives us great peace of mind to have a filling and nutritious snack everyday. However you choose to incorporate it into your day, we certainly hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Easy Healthy Smoothie Recipe

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