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Release tension and gain clarity and focus in this unique meditation experience.

Breathwork is an active meditation where you shift your breathing pattern to build self-awareness and self-trust, as a catalyst for stress resilience. This regular grounding practice helps clear and focus the mind so that you can show up authentically and strong.


Each session is led by Jena, who is a certified breathwork facilitator and registered yoga instructor. She holds a beautiful and safe space, virtually, in the comfort of your own home.

Please see below for a brief list of a few nourishing benefits of breathwork: 

  • Expression of self love and gratitude

  • Promotes self discovery and growth

  • Relieves stress, tension, and/or anxiety reduction

  • Naturally increases your energy

  • Helps in alignment, peace, and joy 

  • Fosters clarity and connection 



B. H.

WOW! Having never done breathwork before, I did not know what to expect. You helped me deal with some intense emotions I didn't know I was holding onto. I'm definitely doing this again! Thank you immensely.

Meditation by the Sea

M. G.

Thank you so much, Jena! That was such a profound experience. Lots of emotions and unpacking proceeded. 


Z. C.

This was a great session and you were an amazing facilitator Jena! I truly appreciate the space you kept open and your playlist was spot on.

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